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Double Advantage, Includes Lyric PRO and Lyric Premium Software Bundle listed below. Lyric PRO Software Advanced content creation and playout option for HyperX, HyperX 2, LEX, LEX2 and MicroX graphics systems. Features interactive messages, control of multiple scene graphs for support of complex multi-layered animations, intuitive creation and playout of In Effects, Transition Effects and Out Effects, live data update to transition elements, persistent animations.Premium Software Bundle Includes:- 3D Objects including Adaptable Primitive Geometry.- Movie Objects.- Macros.- Intelligent Interface.- Advanced Text Effects.- Advanced Image Effects.- DB Link (For ODBC database connection)- Clip Control Panel- (For audio control. Please Note: Clip hardware not available for MicroX)- Auto Desk FBX Interoperability- Adobe XMP Metadata

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  • Lyric PRO 8 is here and ready for takeoff!
    It takes your graphics to places they have never been. When customers ask for new technology, Chyron innovates and sets forth with great advances. Lyric PRO 8 serves up native support for Stereoscopic 3D, Script-less transitions and Touch GraphX just in time for the November elections. Yes, you can put your anchor or reporter in the driver's seat with touch screen technology! Lyric PRO 8 allows you unparalleled ease and flexibility across the entire family of Chyron products.

    Stereoscopic 3D
    3D continues to be the hottest topic in broadcasting today. Lyric PRO 8 is the fastest and most powerful stereoscopic 3D creation and playout tool in the market. 3D Stereo Graphic templates are fully compatible with your existing 2D templates. Sports leads the way in 3D, but there are many other applications. Use your imagination. The first ever NFL game in 3D this year, featured Chyron graphics. You too can pioneer 3D with Lyric PRO 8.

    Touch GraphX
    Breaking news, Election results, Parade routes. Put your anchors or reporters in charge with touch screen graphics. The simplest, most accessible touch graphics in the industry are now at your fingertips with Lyric PRO 8.

    We Have Liftoff!
    Now it's your turn to be in control of the mission. Call your Chyron representative to start using the hottest NEW tool for creating your broadcast graphics. Join stations and networks around the world that are using it today for News, Sports and Entertainment. 

    Lyric PRO 8 brings you closer than ever before to the script-less world of Smart Graphics

    • Native Stereoscopic 3D - Existing scenes are Stereo 3D ready and there is nothing new to learn to create new scenes
    • Adobe® XMP - Let the power of Adobe's XMP automatically populate your scene with text and graphics
    • Touch GraphX - A simple and script-less way to bring touch screen graphics to your broadcast
    • Conditional Transitions - A script-less user interface for powerful look ahead scene to scene logic

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