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LCD Production monitor 25.5" 3D/2D, 1920 x 1200 resolution, with input HD/SD-SDI, YPbPr, DVI-D

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  • 3D LCD Video Monitor BT-3DL2550 [Preliminary]

    Faithful color reproduction with a 25.5-inch full HD LCD that has a wide color space and a 10-bit three-dimensional LUT
    Color ChartA Wide Color Space with Six Color Space Modes
    The color space of the BT-3DL2550 is 102% that of the NTSC standard, so it exceeds the EBU/SMPTE range that can be displayed by ordinary LCDs. It accurately reproduces colors that are not easily reproduced by conventional displays, including CRTs, to meet the needs of both broadcasters and production studios, and to work in fields such as digital cinema, CG production, printing, publishing, advertising, and research. The BT-3DL2550 also offers three new color space modes in addition to the three conventional modes. The modes are menu switched. Modes can also be assigned to function switches on the front panel for quick and easy changing.

    BT-3DL2550 Color Space Modes
    1. SMPTE-C: SMPTE-C standard
    2. EBU: EBU standard
    3. ITU-709: ITU-R BT.709 standard
    4. WIDE1: Adobe color space, gamma of 2.2
    5. WIDE2: Adobe color space, gamma of 1.8
    6. WIDE3: D-Cinema color space, gamma of 2.6
    Color Space Comparison     Color Space Comparison (Simulation):
    The top part shows the color space when set to the ITU-709 mode. The bottom part shows the color space in the WIDE3 (D-Cinema) mode. This screen image is simulated to show the differences in colors when using different modes.

    Space-Saving 25.5-inch Full HD Monitor
    The BT-3DL2550 is a full HD WUXGA (1920 × 1200-pixel) high-resolution IPS monitor. It is 10% narrower, 7% shorter, and has a 16% smaller footprint than our previous BT-LH2600W model with the same screen size.

    Faithful color reproduction for broadcasting services
    High-accuracy 10-bit image-processing of each of R, G, and B color data using 3D-LUT (Look-up Table) enables accurate color reproduction in all video formats whose illuminance is low to high.

    The "XpolR" polarizing filter allows 3D video to be viewed with polarizer glasses
    BT-PGL10GThe "Xpol®" polarizing filter has been adopted.*
    The Xpol® Stereoscopic 3D is an optical device based on regularly arranged micro-polarizer. This allows 3D video to be viewed with polarizer glasses by bonding it to a flat-panel display, such an LCD. Two pairs of polarizer glasses are supplied with the products. Additional polarizer glasses (BT-PGL10G) are available as option.
    * The "Xpol®" is a registered trademark of Arisawa Mfg. Co., Ltd.

    Equipped with functions and interfaces required for 3D video production, broadcasting, or commercial use Supports three types of 3D video input system
    Interfaces required by professionals for 3D video production are available as standard. Supports inputs of full HD 3D video from integrated twin-lens 3D camera recorders and other existing 3D cameras.
    Input signal type     Simultaneous     Line-by-line     Side-by-side
    Interface     HD SDI×2     HD-SDI × 1 or DVI-D × 1     HD-SDI × 1 or DVI-D × 1
    Images of the input signal and terminal            
    Displayed image     Line-by-line

    Polarizer glasses

    Provides special functions needed for adjusting rig type 3D cameras.
    General rig type 3D camera systems require the optical axis displacement to be compensated before filming. The BT-3DL2550 has various special display functions (overlay or half-mirror display and variable H-phase function).

    Image with special display functions

    Equipped with functions and interfaces required for broadcasting services.
    - Calibration function.
    - Two inputs/two screens.
    - I/P conversion circuit that reduces delay to less than one field, jaggy compensation, and high-picture-quality processing including high-speed motion picture response.
    - A variety of markers, crosshatching or blue-only display.
    - Time code display when HD SDI signals input.
    - Two SDI (HD/SD), component and DVI-D inputs, RGB input compatible.
    - RS-232C and GPI remote control.
    - Tally lamp (red and green).
    - Headphone jack.
    - Quiet operation without fan noise.
    - Wall mountable (with optional BT-WMA26G).

        * Lightweight camera body weighs less than 2.8 kg (Approx. 6.17 lb.) for excellent mobility.
        * Equipped with a 3.2-inch (16:9) side-mounted LCD monitor with approx. 921,000 dots. Lch/Rch/overlay switchable display.
        * Equipped with HDMI 1.4 (frame and field sequential output) in addition to HD-SDI (x2, simultaneous).
        * Built-in Stereo microphone.
        * Provided with an XLR Audio input terminal for line recording in halls, studios, etc.
        * Equipped with remote terminal for focus iris, zoom, REC start/stop, and convergence point.
        * Auto REC function for control of REC start/stop of an external recorder connected by SDI.
          *1: As an integrated twin-lens 3D camera recorder capable of recording full-HD video to its memory card. As of April 2010 (based on our investigations).

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