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Eclipse Median 80

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Eclipse Median (80 ports)

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  • Eclipse Median (Up to 112 ports) The Eclipse Median is a 6RU frame that houses 2 CPU and 7 matrix slots with 8 built-in interface module slots, uniquely designed for outside broadcast vehicles, mobile flight-case systems, or any production environment where rack space is limited. Eclipse Median delivers up to 112 CAT-5 panel/4-wire ports combined with any combination of interface cards: CCI-22 party-line, FOR-22 4-wire / relay, TEL-14 dual channel telephone hybrid, AES-6 Coax or AES interface module, RLY-6 relay output card, GPI-6 input interface modules. The interface modules are all powered by a redundant pair of Median PSUs. *Capable of seamless integration with CellCom®/FreeSpeak® digital wireless beltpacks using the E-Que "Cell Controller" card.

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