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Eclipse 36-port 1RU digital matrix: 
1RU PiCo 36-port matrix frame. 1RU frame with user menu and 32 RJ-45 programmable panel/4-wire ports and four 4-wire in/out ports. Has dual-redundant PSUs. Requires ECS configuration software.

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  • Eclipse PiCo is ideal for communication needs in small to mid-size production environments such as OB vans, studio and sports facilities. It provides high-quality full-duplex communication requiring a moderate number of ports in a compact 1RU form. The front user menu enables quick and easy changes to input/output levels, routes and configurations.

    Eclipse PiCo offers 36 full-duplex panel/4-wire ports, including four 4-wire ports, in a one-rack unit (1RU) chassis. Each Eclipse PiCo has two power supplies for fail-safe redundancy and eight on-board general purpose inputs and outputs. It supports V-Series, I-Series, 4000 series panels, ICS panels and all IMF interface modules including the AES Co-Ax and DIG-2 modules for external panels.


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    Eclipse Pico Brochure

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