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MEDIAEDGE LEB Express. video encoder SD/HD H.264 real-time IP . Cod 605389

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    SD/HD H.264 real-time IP video encoder

    The Grass Valley™ MEDIAEDGE® LEB Express encoder offers real-time hardware-based H.264 encoding and distribution of live video across an IP network. It works as standalone unit and will accept HDMI and composite signals for its video source, with frame synchronization capability. Working as a separate solution or in conjunction with a MEDIAEDGE system, it can instantly rebroadcast the stream using an internal streaming server.

    You can also use the LEB Express encoder to process video from a remote location, such as a video library, and then deliver the content to a compatible video decoder such as the MEDIAEDGE STB4, SWT4, SWT4 for Mac, or record and re-distribute it with MEDIAEDGE SVS4.

    You can also use our SDK for your system/application development. The SDK includes sample software, including reference source code.


    Key Features
    • Real-time encoding of SD and HD video to H.264
    • Encode audio with Dolby Digital technology (2-channels)
    • Video distribution to an IP network
    • Frame synchronizer
    • HDMI and composite video input
    • Closed caption support for NTSC composite signal
      • Embedded to MPEG-2 TS packet by SMPTE 2038-2008
    • Supports distribution of video and audio with perfect A/V synchronization
    • 1X Unicast distribution support
    • Selectable distribution modes—choose between on-demand or automated
    • Easily configurable via any networked PC
    • Embedded server to allow streaming to STB decoders without the need of a server
    • Supports IPv4 and IPv6

    With MEDIAEDGE System
    • Encoder for HD and SD video sources
    • Live, scheduled, recording, and on-demand distribution
    • Supports multiple simultaneous video streams and multiple clients
    • Centralized content distribution
    • Server-driven menu system enables easy access to content
    • Compatible with SWT4, SWT4 for the Mac, STB4, and SVS4

    Software Development Kit
    • For Windows
    • LEB API (C language) for search, configure and recording.
    • Sample software with source code (C++, C#)
    Network Connection
    • 1 x RJ-45 modular connector
    • 100Base-TX, 1000Base-T full-duplex Fast Ethernet
    • IEEE 802.3 frame format
    • Auto negotiation supported

    Video/Audio Interface
    (video input can be selectable via network)
    • 1 x HDMI input (with embedded audio, 2 channels)
    • 1 x Composite (SD) input
    • 2 x Unbalanced audio line in input

    Data Communication Ports
    • 1 x RS-232 (DB 9-pin)
    • 1 x USB type A (2.0 Host)

    Supported Video Signal Formats
    • 1920x1080/59.94i
    • 1920x1080/50i
    • 1280x720/59.94p
    • 1280x720/50p
    • 720x480/59.94i
    • 720x576/50i
    • 720x480/59.94i  (closed caption supported)
    • 720x576/50i

    Video Encoding
    • ISO/IEC14496-10 (H.264/AVC)
    Bit rate:
    • 1920x1080/59.94i, 50i / 6-24 Mb/s (High Profile Level 4.0)
    • 1440x1080/59.94i, 50i / 5-24 Mb/s (High Profile Level 4.0)
    • 1280x720/59.94p, 50p / 4-24 Mb/s (High Profile Level 4.0)
    • 720x480/59.94i / 2-10 Mb/s (Main Profile Level 3.0)
    • 720x576/50i / 2-10 Mb/s (Main Profile Level 3.0)

    Group of Picture
    IBBP (Closed GOP supported)

    Audio Encoding
    • MPEG-1 audio layer 2 (2-channels)
    • Dolby Digital (2-channels)
    Sampling frequency:
    • 48 kHz
    Sampling rate:
    • MPEG-1 audio layer 2: 32 (mono) / 64, 96, 128, 192 (stereo/mono) / 256, 320, 384 kb/s (stereo)
    • Dolby Digital: 64, 96 (mono) / 128, 192 (stereo/mono) / 256, 320, 384, 448 kb/s (stereo)

    Multiplex Format
    ISO/IEC 13818-1 + Amd3 / MPEG-2 transport stream

    AC adapter: 100-240 VAC (50/60 Hz)
    Main unit: 12 VDC 1.8A (max.)
    Maximum power consumption: 25W

    • Width: 215 mm (8.5 in.)
    • Depth: 190 mm (7.5 in.)
    • Height: 43 mm (1.7 in.)

    Weight (unit only)
    1.5 kg (3.3 lbs.)

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