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Code 8475-0067
Charger / power supply 70 watt for Anton Bauer Gold Mount Battery

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  • Tandem 70 Gold Mount 70 watt charger / power supply. A new approach to portable power, Tandem combines all the functionality of a one position InterActive® charger with the convenience of a noise free camera mounted wide range AC mains adapter. Tandem will power even the most power hungry high definition camera from any worldwide AC source. It also doubles as a full function InterActive Charger charging any Anton/Bauer Gold Mount battery in two hours or less. Weighing only one pound (.450 grams) the Tandem 70 is the perfect addition to any field camera and a lightweight mains adapter and a high performance charger. Meets all applicable regulatory requirements including CE and FCC. Features Battery Charger As with all Anton Bauer chargers, charging with the TITAN 70 is fully automatic. Mount any Logic Series battery to the TITAN 70 and it will automatically determine the appropriate charge routine and execute it. The TITAN 70 will charge any Anton Bauer Logic Series Gold Mount battery including: # ProPac 13/14 # Digital ProPac 13/14 # TrimPac 13/14 # Digital TrimPac 13/14 # HyTRON 50/100 # ProFormer InterActive The TITAN 70 incorporates the exclusive InterActive communication between the battery and charger, which allows the charger to identify any Anton Bauer battery attached and determine the precise charge routine for that particular battery under its present condition. Three Stage Charging In general, the TITAN 70 utilizes a Three-Stage Charge Routine for each battery. DC Power Supply The TITAN 70 will automatically operate as an AC adapter once the cameras or other device is switched on. An On/Off switch is not incorporated into the power supply (a green LED will light, indicating that the unit is operating as a power supply). Automatic Source Selection If the AC line voltage is removed, and a charged battery is mounted on the TITAN 70, power from the battery will be routed to the camera. When the AC line voltage is restored, the battery is reevaluated for a proper charge routine.

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